Monday, May 09, 2005

What is it with Maureen O'Gara and the personal attacks on PJ over at Groklaw? With O'Gara's latest piece it's clear that the it's gone waaaay beyond professional, with O'Gara openly engaging in ad hominem attacks on the person she thinks is PJ from Groklaw. O'Gara describes her as a harridan who lives in a shabby apartment, which O'Gara provides the address. A number of unflattering mentions of the Jehovah Witness religion are made, phone numbers are provided and photographs of suspected residences are posted.

What is this about? What service is provided to the linux community by posting names, addresses and phone numbers? Why post the address and family names of the man O'Gara believes is PJ's son? Why, when told a women is afraid of threats against her, would O'Gara go snooping around a house 24 miles away and then be surprised when the occupant of the home is a bit "disjointed" when giving personal information to the stranger and later calls the police.

Maureen O'Gara has come under much fire for previous stories, but this one has created a new level of disgust. So much so in fact that James Turner, Senior Editor of LinuxWorld Magazine, has posted a message which (to paraphrase) says "Either O'Gara leaves, or I do". He's not the only one mad about this either, Dee-Ann LeBlanc, Gaming News Editor at Linux World describes herself as "livid" over O'Gara's story.


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