Monday, July 04, 2005

I've forgotten to post links recent guests, so here's a batch for you:

Our guest on June 4 was John Markoff. His most recent book What the Dormouse Said tells of the influence of the 60's counter-culture on the development of the PC and computer networks.

- Listen to the interview -

On June 25 we were joined by Jim Buckmaster, President and CEO of, the wildly popular "sorta like classified ads" web site started by Craig Newmark. It's simple interface and lo-key presentation belie the powerful community it has fostered.

- Listen to the interview -

This last week, July 2, we were joined by Michael Page, lead counsel for Grokster, and Matt Neco, General counsel for Streamcast Networks. We discussed their loss in the Supreme Court earlier in the week and what it means now that MGM v. Grokster will go forward to trial.

- Listen to the interview -


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