Monday, August 29, 2005

When Mercury astronaut Gus Grissom returned home to Indiana, he brought his flight suit with him. His family contends he rescued it from the trash, a claim NASA denies.

In any case, his widow Betty lent the suit to the then-privately run Astronauts Hall of Fame in 1989. But when the U.S. Government took over the museum, they refused to return the suit, saying it was government property.

Now Amanda Meyer, a 15 year old high school student, has taken up the cause of the spacesuit. She thinks the suit should be displayed in the Gus Grissom Memorial, a museum in the astronaut's hometown of Mitchell, Indiana. She's launched a web site, including online petition, and written to many government agencies.

She is hoping the government will loan the spacesuit to the Grissom Memorial, allowing it to be displayed there. The government says it will review the request later this year. It should also be pointed out that the Grissom Memorial hasn't made the request itself, and obvious step which is needed before the spacesuit could be moved.


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