Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The NY Times has a story about how U.S. Telecom companies have been working with the NSA in providing data and routing information through U.S. based switches, allowing the Intelligence agency access to desired information.
Several officials said that after President Bush's order authorizing the N.S.A. program, senior government officials arranged with officials of some of the nation's largest telecommunications companies to gain access to switches that act as gateways at the borders between the United States' communications networks and international networks. The identities of the corporations involved could not be determined.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is totally insane. One of the best things about the internet is its relatively anonymous nature. I love being able to comment on this anonymously. Yes, there can be abuses, but everything has a downside.

People can have their heads sliced off with knives by angry ex-lovers, but despite this, we still buy, sell, and use knives every day in our kitchens because they are useful tools. Okay, maybe that wasn't the best analogy, but hopefully you get my point.

This is Big Brother, baby. Where are all the freedom fighters, the true Americans? Are all the good people leaving the country?

6:10 AM  

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