Monday, May 15, 2006

Our annual roundup of the Electronic Entertainment Expo was a jammed-packed show, full of gamey goodness. First, we went over some of our personal favorites. These included a new haptic controller from Novint called the Falcon, and a cute little software tutor called Piano Wizard. The Art of Gaming exhibit upstairs was pretty excellent. We also noted appearances (separately) by both Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel and Paris "What's in a name?" Hilton.

We were then joined by Tyler West, one of the artists who had his work displayed at the wonderful Into the Pixel exhibit. We talked about the part that art plays in the development of games, and how game art is finding increasing acceptance in the fine art world.

Next we spoke with James Jorris of the Get Well Gamers Foundation. They take donations of videogames, refurbish them if needed, and then distribute the games to hospitals across the nation. Their goal is to make sure children at hospitals have videogames available to them.

During the second half of the program we were joined by Ankarino Lara of Gamespot. He went over some of the highlights of the show, including the Wii controller from Nintendo, which generated lines requiring a wait of 4 hours or more. Also notable was the obvious battle between Microsoft and Sony for control of what they hope will be the 21st Century version of the Family Entertainment Center.

- Listen to Part One - Tyler West, Get Well Gamers

- Listen to Part Two - Ankarino Lara


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