Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Websense Censoring Cory Doctorow?

It seems Websense, the web filtering company, has added podcasts by Cory Doctorow to it's list of "bad" sites. This even though Cory is reading his own work, which is (non-pornographic) sci-fi. He is calling it censorship and wants to know why he's being filtered out. A manager for Websense was contacted by him but was unable to provide any information or make any comments.

It's important to note that Websense is widely used by public libraries, schools and government agencies. Thus, it's in their capacity as public sector censors that the reasons for above listing are important to know. Why is Websense preventing library patrons, students, and public sector employees from these podcasts? Cory thinks it may have to do with recent criticisms he has made about Websense.


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