Thursday, April 12, 2007

White House: Oops, we lost the email!

Our story so far:
Congress investigates questionable firings of U.S. Attorneys.
Congress discovers an RNC funded email system.
Congress demands records from that email system.

In today's episode:
The White says they've lost "thousands" of these email messages.
"The White House has not done a good enough job overseeing staff using political e-mail accounts to assure compliance with the Presidential Records Act," White House spokesman Scott Stanzel said in an unusual late-afternoon teleconference with reporters.

And some members of Congress ain't too pleased:
"This sounds like the administration’s version of the dog ate my homework," said Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Democrat of Vermont and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is investigating the dismissal of the prosecutors.

"I am deeply disturbed that just when this administration is finally subjected to meaningful oversight," Mr. Leahy said, "it cannot produce the necessary information."


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