Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lieberman: Remove Terrorist Videos!

Senator Joe Lieberman has asked Google "to immediately remove content produced by Islamist terrorist organizations from YouTube."

Google responded by "removing a number of videos from the site, primarily because they depicted gratuitous violence, advocated violence, or used hate speech." They did not remove all of the videos requested by the Senator because they "did not contain violent or hate speech content" and thus did not violate YouTube's Community Guidelines.

Senator Lieberman stated his belief, in a letter sent today, that all videos mentioning or featuring these groups should be removed from YouTube -- even legal nonviolent or non-hate speech videos. While we respect and understand his views, YouTube encourages free speech and defends everyone's right to express unpopular points of view. We believe that YouTube is a richer and more relevant platform for users precisely because it hosts a diverse range of views, and rather than stifle debate we allow our users to view all acceptable content and make up their own minds. Of course, users are always free to express their disagreement with a particular video on the site, by leaving comments or their own response video. That debate is healthy.

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An encouraging response from YouTube.

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