Saturday, May 14, 2011

Digital Village in Exile

As you (hopefully) have noticed, Digital Village has been off the air for several weeks. This post is to help explain what is going on, and what is happening with Digital Village Radio.

First, station management has assured us that Digital Village is not going away! In fact KPFK has asked us to expand our format to include more elements and voices. We've spent our time off the air developing some of these new features and topics. The plan is to return to the air after the Spring Fund Drive, though it may be at a different day and/or time. Be sure to check back here periodically to get the latest Digital Village news.

To the best of our knowledge, Digital Village Radio is the longest running radio program focused on the social and cultural impact of computers, the Internet, and technology in general. When we began in 1995, many questioned whether we would have enough to talk about. Nobody does that any more. In fact, there is now so much to talk about that Ric and Doran can no longer do it alone. Which brings us to our first big announcement.

The Digital Village Radio call for volunteers!

We are looking for a number of people who are interested and willing to work with us in producing the weekly Digital Village broadcast and its online content.

We need people with good organizational skills, who can work on a deadline to help produce the show and its individual segments. We are looking for people active in the community who can work on the air and behind the scenes to help create the most cutting-edge program about digital culture in the country.

Some will work on the air, conducting interviews and producing segments. Others will work behind the scenes, gathering info, scheduling guests, and generally helping produce the weekly program as well as other online events and features. Technical skill in radio production or with online media is a plus, but not required.

The most important requirement is commitment. We really need people who are willing to stay with the project as it develops. Quitting after a couple weeks will do more harm than if a person didn’t sign up in the first place. That said, we understand that this is something of an unknown we’re asking volunteers to sign up for. It’s just that we ask that you consider whether you are willing to commit to at least 3 months. If not, this probably isn’t for you.

What we don’t need are people who just want to be radio stars, or have a specific agenda to push, regardless of how noble it may be. We need people who can take direction and be part of a team which covers a wide range of topics. And while we are absolutely looking for people who can help come up with fantastic ideas for the show, we also need people willing to do whatever work is needed to produce the program. If your interest is only to be in front of the microphone, then again, this probably isn’t for you.

So, if you haven’t been scared away yet and are still interested and willing to make the commitment, send your resume and cover letter to KPFK’s Volunteer Coordinator Jessica Woods at Please do it quickly so we have time to evaluate the candidates and get the team assembled before we go back on the air this Summer. With your help, we’ll bring Digital Village to the next level.



Blogger John Dingler said...

Doing at least one volunteer segment on a topic per week is not simply devoting, say, eight hours for it and then you can go back to what you normally do without interruption until seven days from now when the start of another segment commences. No. It means calling, searching, researching, waiting for return calls, and finding people who can provide insights for the article/broadcast. Then you might have to compose it, edit it, and perhaps record it. Then meetings, and stuff.

Conclusion, don't expect a clear beginning at 8AM and ending at 5PM to your devotion to DV and KPFK. Instead, expect to be interrupted and otherwise consumed if you expect to do exquisite work.

That's an abundant amt. to ask for.

4:53 PM  

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