Friday, June 29, 2012

The Supreme Court Ruling on ACA

Here's my take on the the Supremes' decision today:

Chief Justice John Roberts pays attention to the news... and the polls. He noticed, that after the high court's "Citizens United" ruling that said that corporations could take over our political system with... if you just called it free speech... Money, people were not impressed. The Montana decision rendered less than a week ago not only solidified that ruling for individual states, but brought with it a reason for Roberts to become more concerned.

He began to notice that the Supreme Court was increasingly being seen as just another wing of the  extreme right's ability to dominate every branch of government with money... and billions of it.

So he saved his and the Court's prejudiced hide by deciding that he would do, as he promised in his acceptance hearing (which had lately been brought up repeatedly as proof of his hypocrisy), to hang a left turn and basically do what the Constitution told him to.

He realized, at this politically charged time, that he'd better live up to his promise or be forever branded as the head of maybe the most activist Supreme Court since some bizarre period buried till now in the 20th Century.

I empathize with many who say that he had more than historically moral reasons and even have had an inner smile when he both justified and announced that it was, after all, an OBAMA TAX. But Judge Roberts, in the end, did the correct (right?) for him, thing.



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