Thursday, December 30, 2004

Lisa Rein has a good page up about the latest state of affairs regarding the 2004 election. As she says at the top of the page, It ain't over until it's over.
It seems Overpeer, the company hired by the RIAA to flood peer-to-peer networks with bogus files may now be infecting these files with Spyware. This is possible because of a security hole in the DRM (Digital Rights Management) software used by Microsoft in the latest version of the Windows Media Player. It seems the folks at Overpeer are taking a "they get what they deserve" attitude regarding any damage or problems caused by their tactics.

There is currently much discussion going on at several sites talking about this story, however it is still unclear as to whether Overpeer is actually doing this at the behest of the RIAA, and if so, whether it is legal.

Monday, December 27, 2004

A new web site has gone up, documenting Substantial Non-infringing Use in Peer-to-Peer applications. This in preparation for the Supreme Court's upcoming hearing of the Grokster case. The site's been Slashdotted and BoingBoinged, so there's lots of good stuff already, and it's sure to grow.
Telltale Weekly is making an audio recording of the Bill of Rights (read by Alex Wilson) available for a free download. In your face RIAA!
The EFF is now helping to produce Tor, an anonymous Internet communication system initially designed and developed as part of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory's Onion Routing program with support from ONR and DARPA. It "aims to make traffic analysis more difficult by preventing eavesdroppers from finding out where your communications are going online, and by letting you decide whether to identify yourself when you communicate".
The London Underground is so old that finding spare parts for maintainence is often difficult. We're not just talking about ancient pieces of equipment, but also things like computer cards, and old chips. Now, the BBC is reporting, a consortium which maintains the Tube is using eBay to locate those difficult to find spare parts.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Bev Harris is still trying to get the word out, and it seems she's not having an easy time of it, which of course creates it's own lively discussion. What started this seems to be problem she had with Keith Olbermann and what she found in Volusia County.

Kos has also been hosting a vibrant discussion on this.