Monday, November 06, 2006

John Hlinko Interview

Our guest on November 4 was John Hlinko of StemPAC, which was founded to "hold accountable any elected or appointed official who holds up the promise of stem cell research based on their own personal ideology or outright ignorance." Stem cell research is one of those issues which crosses many political and idealogical lines. We talked about this and how the upcoming election may influence future research.

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Vickie Karp Interview

Our guest on October 28 was Vickie Karp, co-editor of Hacked! High Tech Election Theft in America. We talked about some of the known problems with voting machines and optical scanners, and ask whether the best solution to these high tech problems is returning to hand-marked pieces of paper dropped into a clear plastic box, to be counted by hand after polling is completed.

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